ACA Tea Time - Styling Consultations with Musician & Star of Netflix Reality Show, Byron Baes.

Recently ACA students were tasked with conducting a range of styling consultations with musician and reality star Sarah, from st. James Music.

First things first, if you've watched Byron Bae's you know she got the SH*T end of the stick and not only with the choice of humdrum love interests, but being cast on a reality show that depicts a weird yet mesmerising train crash, that you can't peel your eyes away from.

Yet Alas, my side note on Byron Bae's comes at a great time, as we hear whispers of season 2. BUT that is not why we are here...

If you haven't heard the upbeat catchy tune of her latest release "Aquarius" do yourself a favour and listen to it while reading the rest of this blog, BUT I must warn you, the lyrics will have you humming to the tune and playing Aquarius on repeat NON STOP. "God I love the era".

Cue Aquarius... (Also available on Spotify).

Let the consultations begin.

So let's get back to the students conducting their client consultations..

Our Students received a client brief and were tasked with finding outfits for Sarah's upcoming Aquarius Party. With a timeframe of 2 weeks till party time, they were given only 1 week to style, source and present a range of options.

Like any normal styling consultation, the students met with Sarah to understand her requirements and take note of any wish list fits she mentioned. Let the countdown begin.

Talk about a high level of pressure. That's fashion. 24/7.

It's certainly not for the faint hearted.

ETA: 1 week before party time.

The countdown is most certainly on....

The final presentation.

Each student was to present their chosen looks along with costings and where each item was from. From pulling a range of outfits and accessories to match, finding ready to wear, juggling sizing, shipping and courier times, they were literally working against the clock.

Here's some of the looks pulled from students Lucca-Bella Moore and Emily Saunders.

The final look.

It is without said that choosing a fit for a special occasion is pressure especially when there are only mere days and hours before the event.

The final look was chosen. Drumroll please........ she went with a look from Lucca-Bella's presentation from Australian designer Dyspenea, hot off the Afterpay Australian Fashion Week Runway. Unfortunately luck was not on Sarah's side as she just missed out on sizing availability. Back to the drawing board.

With many more parties, performances and tours, no doubt we'll be seeing Sarah in Dyspenea at some stage and hopefully styled by LB.

- Vanessa Johnstone

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