Fashion & Wardrobe

Duration: 8 - 12 months

Flexible online & in person 

Prerequisites: None

Start Dates - Brisbane

Fortnightly rolling intake

Start Dates - Gold Coast

Fortnightly rolling intake

Included in this course:

ACA Styling Kit

Plus the opportunity to shoot with our resident professional fashion photographer to build your portfolio. 

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*$28.42 per week!


If a career behind the scenes in tv, movies, runway and styling high profile clients sounds exciting, this Advanced Styling course is for you.


The demands of a stylist have evolved!. Stylists can be involved in nearly every visual element in design. 


A Stylist's skill sets have expanded to include marketing and business, as well as working closely with designers, photographers, videographers, producers, directors and retailers to ensure the vision of the brand is executed to the brief created by the creative team.
This course will cover the styling fundamentals, body shapes, colour and trends as well as understanding client behaviour and the client consultation process.


Practical activities include creating a style guide, styling a range of clients and facilitating a client makeover.

You will conduct a range of practical client consultations and a full client makeover drawing on your newly founded styling skills. 


This Advanced Styling course will have you immersed in planning a range of photoshoots, developing event concepts and understanding the production of back of house dressing artists and performers.


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  1. Fashion Terminology

  2. What is a Stylist

  3. The Fashion Industry

  4. Colour Psychology

  5. Fashion Writing & Blogging

  6. The History of Fashion

  7. Understanding Fabrics & Fibres

  8. Styling Scenarios

  9. Client Communication

  10. Body Shapes

  11. Elements and Principals of Design

  12. Colour Analysis

  13. Seasonal Colour

  14. Sizing Standards

  15. Understanding Trends

  16. High Profile Clients and the Consultation Process

  17. How to Pitch and Present

  18. Client Project

  19. Client Consultation

  20. Client Make Over

  21. Research Current and Global Trends

  22. High Profile Clients and the consultation process

  23. How to Pitch and Present

  24. Dress Performers and Artists

  25. Backstage Etiquette

  26. Plan & style a range of photoshoots

  27. Plan & style a range of flat lay photoshoots

  28. Print Media

  29. Develop event concepts

  30. Undertake project work

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This course offers in-person & online learning, that way you can thrive on your own terms from anywhere, anytime.

Access to 30 topics of Styling content that is relevant and current

Professional ACA Stylist Kit

Access Guest Speaker Sessions for the whole year

Access to exclusive Internship and Work Experience Opportunities

Access to ACA's creative studio and resources for portfolio building sessions and collaborations.

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