Duration: 8 days training Online or In Person PLUS 8 weeks of online activities and assessments

Prerequisites: None

Intake Dates

In Person or Online - 8th of March 2020 


Photography Skill Set

This photography course covers the skills and knowledge required to use a standard digital stills camera using a range of techniques. The aim of the courses is to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to start a career as a professional photographer or a keen hobbyist. Learn the features of your digital camera to improve your photography skills, how to control your camera using different shooting modes and digitally enhance your images and produce the best photos you can. 


You need a great portfolio, not necessarily a degree in photography to become a professional photographer. This course focuses us providing you with the technical knowledge and practical skills to build a professional portfolio and launch a rewarding freelance photography career or an exciting new hobby.

It applies to individuals who are planning a career in photo imaging, and is perfect for beginners or hobby photographers who would like to learn more about technical skills. 

Digital Photography


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  • Using a stills digital camera to capture photo images that meet specific requirements

  • Digital software to enhance images to meet the quality and look required by the projects

  • How to store images and equipment according to workplace requirements.

  • Outline basic techniques that are used to plan shots 

  • Learn how to identify features of standard digital cameras and how these impact on a camera’s photographic capability

  • Learn the elements and principles of design for photo images

  • Investigate how light constrains and lighting enhances photographic image capture

  • Learn about pixel count (megapixels) and how this relates to the resolution and output size of the final image

  • Learn how metadata is used to categorise photographic images

  • Understand cleaning techniques for cameras and accessories

  • Produce a series of digital images where the techniques and materials support the idea for the work 

  • Discuss the process for producing video art with others

  • review own progress to identify ways to further develop skills. 

  • To complete the unit requirements safely and effectively, the individual must:

  • Describe the function and capabilities of materials, tools and equipment commonly used for digital imaging

  • Outline the major styles of digital imaging and the work of key practitioners 

  • Describe a range of digital imaging techniques

  • Describe safe cleaning techniques for tools and equipment used in producing digital images

  • Outline procedures for working safely with digital materials, tools and equipment.

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This course offers online intensive training, that way you can thrive on your own terms from anywhere, anytime.


You will receive:

Access to 19 topics of photography content that is relevant and current

Access to trainer-led video recorded classes, which means you can always stay on top of your learning even if you miss a class or can't attend on scheduled days.

Access Guest Speaker Sessions for the whole year

Unlimited trainer support via video, phone and email

Access to exclusive Internship and Work Experience Opportunities

Access to ACA's creative studio and resources for portfolio building sessions and collaborations.

Discount on ACA future courses

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